Q&A: Wood Floor Polishing & Maintenance

How often should wood floors be serviced by a professional?

Wood floors are a major investment that can last for several decades, if cared for properly. To keep them at their best, we suggest once a year, minimum. If you have kids, pets, or high traffic, twice a year may be necessary.

What methods do you use to maintain flooring?

We have a wide variety of tools at our fingertips, such as polishers, buffers, and high-speed burnishers. We use these on solid wood flooring with urethane coatings, wax finish, oil finish, or acrylic finish, as well as engineered flooring. We also have equipment for polishing stone, tile, linoleum, and vinyl flooring.

Can you seal wood floors?

Yes, we do offer wood floor sealing services. This is a top coat seal that can be done without sanding.

What other advice do you have for owner of wood floors?

Regular maintenance not only keeps floors looking beautiful, it also protects them from damage. Call Sunshine Home Maintenance and Flooring today to find out how we can help extend the lifespan of your floors. Estimates are always free!

Rich, David, and Michael Paul Gilbert are the owners of Sunshine Home Maintenance & Flooring with over four decades of experience in home and commercial cleaning. To schedule your free consultation, call (415) 457-4363.

Q&A: Durable Wood Flooring

An interview with David Gilbert of Sunshine

What is the most durable type of wood flooring to use?

In my experience, I’ve found wood flooring with an oil finish to be the most durable. This can be purchased pre-finished, or it can be installed, sanded, and then finished on site. The main thing is that an oil finish is used, not polyurethane. Oil doesn’t just sit on top of the wood – it actually seeps down inside it, which makes it more durable.

The most common variety of wood flooring is oak, but an oil finish can be applied to any type of wood.

Aside from finish, what can you tell us about the natural durability of different types of wood?

Brazillian cherry is a naturally hard wood that is quite popular in flooring. Oak is mid-level in hardness. Fir and pine are considered softer woods, but are still decent flooring choices.

What if someone has kids or pets?

They will definitely want to use an oil finish on whatever variety of wood they choose. The Copenhagen Airport in Denmark has solid wood floors with an oil finish. They never sand them. They just keep applying oil. This hides all the scuffs scratches, which is amazing since it is such a high-traffic area!

What solutions does Sunshine offer for wood flooring?

I usually recommend my customers go with pre-finished oiled wood flooring – this avoids the extra time and mess that results from sanding and oiling the flooring on-site. I work with pre-finished flooring products that come from a local provider. We have access to their showroom, and can arrange private showings for our clients.

Is this economical?

Yes, based on cost per square foot. The price currently ranges from $6/square foot on the low end to $12/square foot for premium products.

Why should anyone pay more for a higher grade of wood? Is there any advantage beyond cosmetics?

If you want a wood floor with less “character” or flaws, a higher grade of wood is the answer. “Select” grades of wood are usually cut from the center of the tree. This means that they are free from any knots or defects that could compromise the integrity of the grain. However, other people don’t care about naturally-occurring flaws in their wood floors. It really comes down to choosing a floor that suits your style and then using a finish that will keep it looking good for years to come.

David Gilbert is the owner of the Wood Flooring division at Sunshine. To schedule a free estimate, call him today at (415) 457-4363.

Wood Floor Hallway - Before

Wood Floor Hallway – Before

Wood Floor Hallway - After

Wood Floor Hallway – After

Living Room Floor - Before

Living Room Floor – Before

Living Room Floor - After

Living Room Floor – After