Brazilian Cherry Floor in Kentfield

This project in Marin involved sanding down the surface of a  Brazilian cherry wood floor and then finishing it with a walnut stain.

A technician sanding down the surface

A technician operating the refinishing equipment

Dark walnut finish

Dark walnut finish

Quarter-Sawn White Oak Floor in Larkspur

We installed quarter-sawn white oak planks in an unfinished state. We then sanded and clear-coated them in place.

Unfinished oak floorboards being installed

Unfinished oak floorboards being installed

The finished product

The finished product


Before & After: Tiburon Tear-Out

Tearing out the old carpet at this home revealed a patchwork layer of brick and tile underneath. After installing all new subflooring, new hardwood floors were installed. The new 8″ wide oiled oak flooring is classic and durable.





Reclaimed Wood Floor in Tiburon

This recent flooring project used reclaimed wood and old railroad ties to lend beautiful rustic charm to the living space.

Reclaimed railroad tie floor